Reflex Integration

Reflex Integration is the foundation for integrated sensory systems, sensory regulation, body perception and coordination skills.  Children with retained reflexes are not in control of their body movements. When their head changes positions, their arms and legs react in a reflexive pattern. Many of the children that come to us have reflexes that should have integrated when they were babies to allow for separate movements of body parts. We have MNRI trained therapist that lead activities to activate and integrate dynamic and postural reflex patterns. We also do Rhythmic Movement ® exercises that mimic the movements that babies do developmentally to integrate reflexes.

Brain Gym®/ Hemisphere Balancing/ Learning Breakthrough®

Brain Gym® is a fun activity based program that works on whole-brain integration.  These combined with Learning Breakthrough and Hemisphere balance activities work to develop higher level cognitive processing and executive functioning.

Integrated Listening Systems

ILS is based on the fact that we can change our brain. ILS trains for brain body integration through a staged approach, starting with integration of the senses and extending to more cognitive functions, language and social skills.

Vestibular Training

TLC uses the Astronaut Training Protocol® for training of the three semicircular canals in the ear. Many of our children have an over active or underactive vestibular system affecting their inate ability to know their body position in space. Training the receptors of the inner ear to respond correctly to vestibular input integrates balance and perception of the body position in space.

Interactive Metronome®

Interactive Metronome® is a brain-based, multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment tool that has been shown, in clinical research, to improve neurological functions of motor planning and sequencing. Motor planning and sequencing are core functions of the brain. They determine the ability to take notes while listening to a presentation, walk without falling and bumping into things, or arrange words in a sentence. Interactive Metronome® has been shown in clinical research to improve attention and concentration, auditory processing, cognitive speed, executive functions, language processing, memory/working memory, motor coordination and control, phonological awareness, reading and math fluency, and self control of aggression and impulsivity.

Therapeutic Listening®

Listening is a function of the entire brain and goes well beyond stimulating the auditory system. We listen with our whole body. In order to fully address listening difficulties one must also attend to the listening functions of both the hearing ear and the body ear. One such approach that addresses the multiple facets of listening is Therapeutic Listening [Listening With the Whole Body].  The main idea is to emphasize integration of the auditory and vestibular systems together.