Gift Guide By Skill

Gift Guide by Skill

It is that time of the year again, and we’ve put together a new gift guide! Last year we made our selection based on prices, but this time around we’re focusing on the skills they help to develop instead. Please feel free to check out our 2019 guide for more ideas though and, as always, do not feel like you need to use these links or brands.

FINE MOTOR: Legos, blocks, crafts (cutting, gluing, ripping paper)

Suggestions: LEGO Classic, Melissa&Doug Wood Blocks, PicassoTiles, Arts and Craft Supplies

GROSS MOTOR: Hopscotch, jump rope, hula hoop, ball (kicking & throwing), low balance beam (or low step stool), balance disc (or couch cushion)

Suggestions: Hopscotch Playmat, Sidewalk Chalk (to draw hopscotch outside!), Jump Rope (3 pack), Adjustable Hula Hoop, Play and Freeze Ball (but any will do!), Folding Balance Beam, Balance Disc

VISUAL MOTOR: Battleship, puzzles, scavenger hunts

Suggestions: Battleship, Solar System Puzzle (Ages 5-9), Wooden Puzzle (Ages 2-5), Go Find It Too

TACTILE PLAY: Shaving cream, water play, slime, kinetic sand

Suggestions: Shaving Cream, Spinning Water Sprinkler, Water Beads, Glow in the Dark Slime, Hidden Dino Kinetic Sand

VESTIBULAR: Swings, balance/spinner board, stepping stones, somersaults, wagon, body socks

Suggestions: LED Swing, Wooden Balance Board, Stepping Stones, Gym Mat (for safe somersaulting), Folding Wagon, Sensory Body Sock

PROPRIOCEPTIVE: Play-doh, weighted balls, ankle weights (2-5) // ORAL MOTOR: Bubbles

Suggestions: Play-doh, Weighted Balls, Adjustable Ankle Weights, Bubbles (12 pack)

NAMING: Mr. Potato Head, dolls/stuffed animals (body parts), kitchen set (foods), cars/race tracks (up/down/go)

Suggestions: Mr. Potato Head, Soft Baby Doll, Flappy the Elephant, Fruit Basket Set, Magic Tracks

INCREASED LANGUAGE: Nursery rhymes, reading books out loud, games that encourage talking, , karaoke machine

INCREASED LANGUAGE: Giraffes Can’t Dance (but check out this awesome post with many suggestions, and toys to match the books!, Headbandz, Apples to Apples, Karaoke Machine

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