50 Fun At Home Fine Motor Activities

fine motor activity egg shelling


1. Peel oranges
2. Shell hard boiled eggs
3. Fold paper bags, wash rags and towels
4. Put coin in a bank (try placing coins in the palm of hand and moving it down to the fingertips without using the other hand, then put it in slot)
5. Practice card shuffling
6. Put together nuts and bolts
7. Peel potatoes with a potato peeler
8. Roll coins
9. Shine pennies with an eraser
10. Spread peanut butter
11. Play with various squirt/squeeze bottles either in the bathtub or in the yard
12. Play with sponges in the bathtub
13. Play with eye droppers/turkey basters in the bathtub


14. Transfer colored water from one container to another with an eyedropper
15. String cranberries, popcorn, fruit loops or cheerios using a needle and thread or shoestring licorice
16. Use a variety of tongs to pick up small items such (use whatever items you have on hand, and things like tweezers, kitchen tongs and strawberry hullers work well for picking up)
17. Pick up small items such as beads or small toys out from a bowl of rice or beans (for an added challenge, try doing it with your eyes closed)
18. Make mosaic pictures out of popcorn kernels
19. Make mosaic pictures out of beans
20. Cut long Cheetos into pieces with scissors before eating
21. Make pictures out of different dried pastas
22. String different pastas
23. Play with play-doh, clay or kinetic sand
24. Make construction paper chains
25. Cut holes in paper using a handheld paper punch, then make a picture with the “confetti”
26. Make pictures using small squares of colored tissue paper
27. Put clothes pins on anything (coffee cans, cardboard strips, paper plater)
28. Break crayons into one inch pieces, then use a pincer grasp to color with them (helps avoid odd pencil holding patterns)
29. Bake, stir or make cut out cookies
30. Finger shadows
31. Finger plays (i.e. finger coloring, puppets, etc)
32. Learn the sign language alphabet
33. Play tug of war with straws
34. Make a trail through the house with popsicle sticks


35. Spinning tops
36. Pickup sticks
37. Legos
38. Sewing cards
39. Super balls (use thumbs and first two fingers to move ball along a path)
40. Marbles
41. Jacks
42. Jewelry making kits
43. Erector sets
44. Stencils or cookie cutters to trace


45. Bed Bugs
46. Trouble
47. Don’t Break The Ice
48. Topple
49. Light Bright
50. Operation

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