EPR Biofeedback: Stress Reduction and Pain Management

epr biofeedback

What is EPR Biofeedback?

The Electro-Physiological Reactivity (EPR) Biofeedback device is a noninvasive system designed for stress detection and reduction. It works by measuring a body’s biological responses to internal and external stressors and providing feedback on them, which informs the person on lifestyle changes that will improve their overall health.

Identified stressors may be sensitivities or possible allergies to wheat, dairy, corn, and other foods, or imbalances in the body related to toxins and heavy metals, bacteria, fungi, parasites, digestion, hormones, emotional responses, and more.

In short, stress and stressors encompass things that we’re born with, things that happens to us, and things that gets into our body through the environment around us that may cause diseases, disorders, or discomfort.

How does it work?

The EPR Biofeedback scanner (EPFX/SCIO) does not clinically diagnose any diseases. It is, however, a highly sophisticated program that provides near instant information about the stressors most prevalent in the body at the time of testing.

The result offers an understanding of an individual’s specific needs and can reveal stressors potentially causing their bodies’ difficulty to heal. It can be useful in treating ADHD, anxiety, trauma, joint dysfunction, gastrointestinal dysfunction and more.

What is the process?

The test itself is noninvasive, and uses five comfortable electrodes that wrap around the forehead, wrists and ankles. Most individuals feel nothing whatsoever during the process, though some may experience a state of deep relaxation, or a renewed sense of energy after a session.

When testing children at TLC, our highly trained biofeedback technician and registered nurse will evaluate and interpret the results from the scanning procedure. She will then recommend any necessary nutritional supplements and/or lifestyle changes, that will aid in boosting the body’s energy fields.

TLC carries natural, mild, non-synthetic supplements for the problems most often found including vitamin deficiencies, poor vitamin absorption, gut issues, and negative vaccine responses. For best results, we highly recommend arriving to your biofeedback session prepared to implement any lifestyle changes suggested by the evaluator.

Interested in this treatment and believe your child would benefit from it? TLC’s biofeedback technician comes to the clinic every first and third Wednesday of the month by appointment only. Please reach out to our front desk to schedule yours for her next visit!

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