PTSD Awareness in Pediatric Patients

Written by Kristen Barnes, OTR, MOT Did you know that more than two-thirds of all children in the United States have experienced at least one traumatic event by the time they reach the age of 16? Many people don’t associate PTSD with children, but the truth is that trauma...

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A Guide to Building Vocabulary in Early Childhood

Written by Tina Sanchez, MA, CCC_SLP What should I model to my young child when trying to support their vocabulary development?   Consideringall the information out there on the web andon social media,as well asall the toysand activitiesmarketed in storesdown the toy aisle, where does one begin?Trying to navigate where to...

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At Home Activities for All Therapies

With quarantine, the time we spend at home has certainly increased, and as such we have all needed to get more creative when coming up with ideas to keep children entertained. But why not do that while also developing new skills? With that in mind, we’ve create a list...

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Gift Guide by Skill

Gift Guide By Skill

It is that time of the year again, and we’ve put together a new gift guide! Last year we made our selection based on prices, but this time around we’re focusing on the skills they help to develop instead. Please feel free to check out our 2019 guide for...

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